Customers, content and communication, these three areas are key to your marketing day in day out.  Making sure that your delivering for your customers and solving their problems will keep you in front of the right people.

I shared my 3 C’s earlier in the year on a webinar and wanted to write this up to share with you further.

My 3 C’s – customers, content and communication

  • Communication keep talking to your audience and ensure that this is two way
  • Engage in conversations both on your channels and in online communities
  • Keep in touch with your customers, let them know you are there


First, you’ll need to know who your customers are and what problems your business will solve for them.  Look at

  • who they are,
  • where they are
  • what their interests are
  • what are their pain points

Once you know these you’ll be able to build a picture of your ideal customer and know who to promote your business to.

As an example who is my ideal customer is and what my customer’s pain points are?

They are spending long hours working in their business.

  • The development of their business is suffering as they spend too long on the day to day operations.
  • They know that marketing is important to the growth of their business, but they don’t have any time to plan and implement marketing campaigns
  • They are spending time adhoc on social media and it’s not producing any results.

What problems do I solve?

  • I will solve their marketing problems for them by being able deliver a marketing strategy and plan for them.
  • I will implement their marketing for them so they are always in front of their customer and working in their business.
  • I will deliver results and more customers through marketing.

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Now think about what would your ideal customer look like?  This will allow you to create the language style that you need to attract them.

Give your customer a name so you can visualize them as it makes it easier to pitch your content to a person.

Also ask your current customers about themselves, so you can find out more about who they are, how you’re helping them, what other problems do they have, and be sure to listen to them.


The English language is so powerful.  The Oxford English Dictionary had ‘Climate Emergency’ as one of THE words of 2020, however I think ‘self-isolation’, ‘social distancing’ and ‘lockdown’ could beat this one today.

Is the language you’re using reflecting you, your brand and attracting the right customers to you.  We call it tone of voice but ideally you want to be writing as you talk as this is how your customers want to hear from you.

Depending on your industry and target customers will also affect what language you use.  If you’re a solicitor there may be an expectation to use one tone compared to if you’re running a bar or restaurant.

Let me know what you think below.