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Sustainable Marketing

Promoting your environmental and socially responsible brand values and practices

Don’t make a splash with sustainable marketing, make waves!

Sustainable marketing is about more than being green or doing good in the community.

It’s about…

  • proudly promoting your environmental and socially responsible brand values and practices
  • sincerely sharing your actions with your target audience
  • making a positive impact in your industry market
  • standing out from the competition
Sustainable Marketing
Sustainable Marketing


Sustainable Marketing

Sustainability is on all our agendas and sustainable marketing is the promotion of environmental and socially responsible products, practices, and brand values. If you’ve ever spent a little bit more on something because you know it was locally or ethically sourced or 100% recyclable, well then, like most consumers today, you’ve experienced sustainable marketing.

But how do we take our customers on our sustainability journey with us? Not just by communicating honestly about our intentions but more importantly about our actions.

  • Where are you on your sustainability journey?
  • What actions are you taking planning to take this year and what are your intentions?
  • Do you have these written down, do your team and your customers know about them?

This is where a sustainable marketer like me can help you. I can make sure that your sustainable messages are delivered through all your communications, both internally and externally honestly and transparently. It can humanise your brand messages, help you stand out in the market and create another reason why customers should choose you over your competition.

Of course, I understand that your business goals and profits are still key, however, looking after your community and the planet will also take care of your profit. Sustainable marketing is a great way to promote eco-friendly aspects of your company and create positive change for your business, your community and the world around you.


What the future holds

My mission is to bring sustainable thinking into all the marketing I do for clients and is being built on:

  • Communication with stakeholders about what the business is doing to make a positive impact on our planet
  • Bringing climate change to the forefront of our conversations and the impact we can all make
  • Helping stakeholders take those first steps on their sustainability journey
  • Working with suppliers who are actively on a sustainable journey and reducing their carbon footprint and their impact on climate change
  • Selecting packaging that is plastic free or from recycled material
  • Reduction in the use of printed materials and sourcing alternative eco-friendly materials
  • Promoting the Better Business Act
  • Staying true to the Sustainable Marketer Manifesto
Sustainable Marketing
Sustainable Marketing


The Sustainable Marketer Manifesto

As part of my commitment to you and sustainability I have signed up to the Sustainable Marketer Manifesto and have committed to the following:

  • I commit to using my marketing skills as a force for good acting responsibly with full transparency and honesty when it comes to messaging, communication and creativity.
  • I commit to continuous education around the climate crisis, ethical and sustainable marketing using these critical areas as a lens through which to operate.
  • I commit to working across the business to support, address, and courageously call out and challenge any areas where more progress in these critical areas is needed and isn’t being addressed.


If you’re looking for practical, down-to-earth advice on how to take your sustainable marketing forward and make an impact tomorrow, set up a call today