Controversial some may say, however it’s true and integrated marketing has always been here, Social media doesn’t work in isolation.

In the past it would be tv, press, radio and direct mail as the key channels and today where would you be without a website for customers to visit.

Social media is a fast changing landscape and having this as part of your marketing mix is important.  Please don’t just do this as the only channel though.

Your website is the ultimate place you want to drive people to, depending on your business this will be to sell direct or to generate leads for your services.  Having a space that you own to direct your customer through so you are in control of your messages and branding.

Social media is a perfect place to have the conversation with your customers, build brand loyalty and is now starting to build sales for businesses.  However you don’t own these platforms, so you need to be driving people to your website and building an email list to continue to sell to your customers everyday.

Ultimately all channels should tie back to what your business is trying to achieve this year and choosing the right channels to meet these objectives.

Social media channels will form part of the mix but the content on your website and email marketing will be in there too.  Although with paid online ads.  We need to be generating wow factors for our customers and receiving something through the post could be the perfect way to achieve this.

Where you promote your business is down to you and where your customers will find your business. Promoting your business will take into consideration your budget and inhouse skills too.

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