Managing marketing when you’re running a business can be a challenge, however there are a variety of tools out there to make this easier.

I’ve created a round up of my favourite tools that I use to promote my business and manage my client’s marketing.  They are all really intuitive and make promoting and speaking to your customers easy and interactive.

It also helps when planning your content and re-purposing your content to be able to schedule and use a variety of channels through which to talk to your customers and keep the conversation going..

Facebook pages

This app is perfect for your mobile devices and means you can easily interact with your Facebook pages. It holds all the business pages you manage in one place so that you can respond to notifications and messages on the go.

It’ll send you notifications so that’ll you’ll never miss a message or a comment again.  I like that I can easily switch between the different pages I manage.


I love this website, as it’s super easy to create images for social media and your website and it has a free version too.  It has pre-uploaded templates for creating your header images on Facebook and Twitter and you can upload your own logos and images as well as using their image libarary.

I’ve used Canva to create infographics and flyers for myself and for clients.  It is really easy if you’re not design savvy but on a low budget as there are plenty of templates for you to choose from.

I’ve also created templates so that it is quick to create images that I’m using all the time, like blog images, quote cards and images for social media channels.


One tool that saves me a lot of time with scheduling to social media is Meet Edgar.  I discovered this about 12 months ago.  This tool allows me to create a posting schedule across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, I can re-purpose my content within Meet Edgar and it also makes suggestions for posts.

Using this tool means I can maximise on all the content that I’m creating for my business and ensure that it gets infront of more people in my audience.

Having MeetEdgar means that I’m always talking to customers and it’s easy to manage my client’s channels through too.

Check out the referral link and you’ll get a discount on your first month too.

Get a $10 monthly “bonus” when you sign up for Edgar through my affiliate link! Edgar is an easy-to-use social media scheduler that automatically recycles your best evergreen content, so you can say “goodbye” forever to social media babysitting!

Active Campaign

Email marketing is key in any business and with Active Campaign, this is really easy to set up and start talking to customers.  You can keep in touch, create sign up forms and email funnels to keep in touch with you customers.

I’m experimenting with different lead magnets at the moment for clients from how to’s, to recipes and discounts to find out which one is most effective in different industries. I’ll write another blog on this in the coming months!

Active Campaign has lots of great video tutorials and help blogs so you’ll not be stuck or there are plenty of VA’s out there specialising in Active Campaign who will take of this for you too.


This is the perfect platform for bulding a site your self and starting blogging.  If you don’t fancy trying yourself a lot of website designers are now using this platform to build websites on.  This is because it’s open source coding so can be amended and there are a lot of companies now building plugins for it and it is great for SEO and being found on Google.

WordPress can be adapted and updated for your brand and linked into an ecommerce function too.

Just speak to a WordPress website designer about the benefits and I can help put you in touch with one too.

Other tools…

There are so many tools out there now that the list is endless.  Another couple that I use are:

Repost – allows you to share Instagram posts on your own feed

Hoostuite – this is another social media scheduling tool

Kapwing – for adding subtitles to you videos

Let me know what tools you’re using to manage your marketing.


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