The time is now to start planning for 2021 and what you want your business to achieve next year.

With this in mind once you have your objectives the next step is to develop your marketing strategy and plan in line with the business objectives that you are going to aim for.

As part of my planning I’m attending an annual content planning event #2021 Sorted on the 3rd and 4thNovember hosted by Janet Murray.

I’ve attended this even for the past 3 years and find that focusing on my business for two days gives me clarity on what I’m going to achieve in the year ahead.

You too could be joining me for this clarity.  There’s still time to join the event today!

The programme is full of inspirational speakers who are doing content on their chosen platform which is increasing their audience and getting engagement.

There are workshop sessions so I’ll come away with my content planned and that of my clients ready to hit 2021 running.

As with all training/CPD I set myself my own objectives:

  • To be in the virtual room so email will be switched off and taking calls on breaks
  • To speak to at least 10 new people each day
  • Re-connect with existing contacts online
  • Try out new the content that’s suggested
  • Reflect on the event by writing another blog
  • Share with my clients new ideas for their content

Now all that’s left to do is to clear my desk and make sure the kettle is filled and I’ve bought lunch in.

You too can join the content planning event here.

And if you want to talk about your plans for 2021 arrange a call with me today.