Are you marketing your business around Black Friday? Black Friday has become an annual event that all consumers now have in the Christmas shopping buying cycle.

It’s grown so much since Amazon introduced the concept back in 2011 and now consumers expect a deal not just on the day itself but Amazon started their Black Friday offers this year in October.

Why marketing your business around Black Friday is a must.

So what are you doing, are you getting involved in the event or are you staying well away and hoping your customers will see the value in your products and buy anyway.

With the changing retail landscape and various lockdown scenarios happening across the country consumers this year have been shopping online since March and have become used to this new way of shopping for everything and this year Christmas Shopping will be no different.  

According to PWC report looking at 2019, 77% of all Black Friday Shopping is carried out online. 

With that you need to make sure that your online presence is clear and up to date with your branding, messaging and products which will make it easier for your customers to find and shop with you during the festive shopping season.  

Use online channels to communicate your offer and message with your customers through your website, email, social media and paid online advertising.  Don’t wait until the end of the November to do this, do it now so you are ready to launch your Black Friday offer.

Even those customers who are not actively looking for an offer can be persuaded to purchase with the right message on the right channel, especially if these customers already have a relationship with you.

Make sure that the offer is attractive and not just pay lip service to the idea of Black Friday, and more importantly ensure you return to full price immediately after the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend so you can maximise on the sales throughout December in the run up to Christmas.

Don’t forget about off line channels too, Christmas Gift Guides, opinion pieces, pop up shops are all places that consumers are looking for ideas for Christmas gifts.  By making it easy for customers to find out about you and buy from you will make your Black Friday a success.

The extra exposure of marketing your business around Black Friday that you give to your business will bring in more awareness and build a following of consumers that will be ready to buy from you in the new year and beyond.

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