Christmas is just around the corner and marketing your business to take advantage of this period does require some planning on what you’ll offer, to who and when.

Knowing who your target market is and being clear on what you offer will make the messaging and promoting on the right channels so much easier which is why I always start at the beginning with the planning.

You can then take advantage of many channels to get your message out there and maximise on sales in the final quarter of the year.

Some of the ways you can promote your business…

  1. Develop a content marketing plan that you can repurpose and shares your products and services every week.
  2. Run a Facebook Live event to promote your products or services
  3. Ensure your website is continuously search engine optimised and updated with new content
  4. Develop a targeted PPC campaign
  5. Email marketing – make sure you are regularly speaking to your list and asking for the sale too
  6. Get in touch with local and national press to be featured in the Christmas Gift Guides or offer option pieces around the theme of Christmas
  7. Create a Facebook ads campaign to promote your products and services
  8. Re-new any partnerships you may have with influencers and check they are talking about you too
  9. Would affiliate partnerships work to sell your products and services
  10. Make sure you go back to previous customers and clients again to check in and see if they need your product and service 
  11. Referrals – ask for them and make sure you are giving them to

Finally, you’ve got this and the time to make this quarter work for you and your business is now.

Get your products and services right and nail down your marketing plan with monthly, weekly and daily actions to keep you accountable.

If you need more accountability book a marketing power hour and we can go through your plan and the action points you need to do to make your marketing plan deliver for your business.