April 2021, reflecting on the last 12 months never mind the last 3 years in business it’s been one where being totally focused on my goals has meant that I’ve adapted to operating through the pandemic.

According to DCI about 60% of all new businesses fail in the first 3 years and if I had focused on this then yes the business would probably not have made it.

But we all have the success of our own business in our hands and navigating through the economic environment has its challenges where we have to adapt and survive to what’s happening around us.

Running a business providing marketing services means that I have been able to work with a range of other businesses and over the last year, businesses that really believe marketing plays an important role within their leadership team and for the success of their business.

So I’m very clear on who I can work with and make the marketing work for their business.

So are You a Business Owner Looking for More Time?

More time to spend on growing and developing your business.  You know you need to be marketing your business and when you do get time you don’t know where to start?

 Would you like to have clarity on your marketing and know that you have a plan in place to keep you and your business in front of your customers?  With this plan providing them with the products and services that they want?

With being a Chartered Marketer and currently studying for a diploma in digital marketing with Cambridge Marketing College, I keep my skills up to date so you can focus on your business.

This year the goals are in place along with some exciting new partnerships which I’ll be sharing along the way.