Looking for a 2020 action plan to achieve consistent content?  Having a marketing plan in place is the only way to achieve this along with have a content plan that you apply and following in your business.

With this in mind I’m just back from a 2 day content marketing masterclass in Northampton where I spent the time listening to people that have had success on various social media platforms and with their email and content marketing.  Not only that I planned out my first 3 months’ worth of content for 2020 and ready to implement these ideas for my clients too.

If you’re marketing and content is not consistent and you are not talking to your customers on a regular basis how do you expect to sell.  You need to be providing your customers with the content they want but also not be afraid to ask for the sale.

‘If you don’t know what you’re promoting or selling next year, should you be in business.’ Janet Murray

2020 content plan

My top takeaways from the event that I’m putting into practice this week….

  1. Create you/me moments – Janet Murray (Build your audience founder)
  2. Give people something to be excited about – Janine Coombes (LinkedIn expert)
  3. Make sure your content deserves engagement – Hannah Otto (Instagram Expert)
  4. Focus on one thing or on one platform – Sarah Mulcare (Messenger Chatbot expert)
  5. IN the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take – Jen Hamley (Facebook Live sales expert)
  6. Create Content to get people to raise their hands – Andrew & Pete Atomic
  7. Bring people into my community – Bella Vasta Pet Business Coach
  8. Don’t lose my personality when posting – Natalie Lue Baggage reclaim
  9. Email is the keystone to your content marketing – Rob and Kennedy, Response Suite

After listening to these amazingly, successful entrepreneurs it was on to creating my own content plan for 2020.

We also covered the type of content you should be creating and also how to make that content go further.

I’m so excited for 2020 to being and feel ready to create content plans for my clients to take us into the new year and build content that their audiences want to read.

Apart from the learning being in the room with other entrepreneurs is so inspirational to hear about their business journeys, growth and challenges.

If you want to find out more about 2020 action plan to achieve consistent content, just arrange a call using the form below.